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We are a full service data and technology company specializing in providing solutions for the challenges of business users as well as the individual. In business since 2002, experience with current technology and eagerly embracing new solutions to be more productive in less time has helped McLean Data Solutions to develop a large client base and maintain good business relationships over a decade later with long term clients.

McLean Data Solutions excels in all areas of data use including but not limited to: Hardware/Software/Networking/Web Design/Troubleshooting/Configuration/Administration and Multi-Office Communication.

The technology landscape has changed greatly over the last decade or so and McLean Data Solutions enthusiastically embraces that change, let us help you transition to the newest technology and data handling options that best suit your needs in office, at home or on the go.



Clients choose McLean Data Solutions for a combination of reasons: Customer service is integral to our way of doing business, giving you the attention you require when you call....action is taken to start the process of solving your challenge, no long term scheduling. We solve your problems in the most cost effective and time efficient way and communicate with you effectively and clearly when describing challenges that may exist, how to resolve them and future steps that may be taken in order to streamline and energize your computer/data/network environment. 


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We can help you accomplish more in less time. Providing solutions in person and on-site allows for interaction with the 2 key aspects of effectively utilizing technology....the technology and most importantly - you. The goal is to understand how you want the technology to work for you personally and make it happen so your experience is enjoyable and productive. You shouldn't work for your technology, your technology should work for you, we're here to make that happen.

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R. Mark McLean

R. Mark McLean, owner of McLean Data Solutions, LLC with over a decade of experience in the Technology and Data arena.