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McLean Data Solutions – Happy 2017 – Increase your productivity.

McLean Data Solutions – Happy 2017 – Increase your productivity.

3OneAtATimeHappy New Year 2017 !!! from McLean Data Solutions LLC….Moving forward this year at a fast and furious rate, here’s an example of technological evolution applied to our lives.

The cable on the left is outdated and slow media for transferring data inside computers even though it can have as many as 80 wires in it and transfer data in parallel….it is SLOWER.

The cable on the right is used in today’s computers, has only 7 wires and is exponentially faster, the reason is simple, it transfers data 1 piece at a time (at a very fast rate) unlike the old style cables that tried to transfer multiple pieces of data at once which created noise, interference and waiting time to send the next bunch of data.

No need to go into detailed explanation of tech stuff here, the point is this correlates directly to our lives and how we accomplish tasks, to be more productive don’t try to do multiple things at once, grab hold of the task at hand and do that “one” task quickly and efficiently without the noise or interruption of 5 million other things you have waiting and when complete move to the next task.

It’s simple: single tasking beats multitasking every time. multitasking ensures you will accomplish multiple things at a slower rate and a lower rate of quality.

Concentrating on applying this to your daily routines across the board will make you a more successful individual or team, do one thing at a time as fast as you can and to the best of your ability…..Happy 2017 from R. Mark McLean @ McLean Data.


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