If you or anyone you know uses WhatsApp you need to read this.

See this article for a critical issue if you have the App “WhatsApp” installed on your phone, this was just announced May 13, 2019 so it’s worth double checking. It’s a scary read and the long and short of it is you need to update the app immediately if it’s not the current most […]

Simple iPhone hack that makes life easier.

By now most of you have already seen references to using the iPhone ios 12 feature called trackpad by clicking and holding the space bar when composing messages or correcting spelling etc. the initial internet buzz about it started about a month ago but for those that have not here’s a link to the feature: […]

iPhone users running ios 12

For those of your running iPhones as your daily driver mobile device make sure – if your device can be upgraded to the most recent operating system ios 12 – that you do so, new perks include better battery life and faster smoother processing speeds, faster open camera action for those shots you don’t want […]

iPhone X News

Some clients I’ve spoken with lately have heard me bemoan the lack of a couple specific apps on my Microsoft 950 XL which I dearly love and as a result at least entertaining the idea of a move to Apple for at least one of the devices used by McLean Data Solutions LLC…..Microsoft has been […]