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iPhone X News

Some clients I’ve spoken with lately have heard me bemoan the lack of a couple specific apps on my Microsoft 950 XL which I dearly love and as a result at least entertaining the idea of a move to Apple for at least one of the devices used by McLean Data Solutions LLC…..Microsoft has been […]

Keep your identity secure.

The latest breach of one of the credit bureaus should cause everyone to evaluate their protection. Many just assume things will be ok but you may not know you have a problem until it’s too late. A recent USA Today article provides information and a link to see if you have been impacted. USA Today […]

Latest Ransomware Attacks – Please read.

To all my clients far and wide: Due to the recent outbreak of ransomware that has wreaked havoc in many environments it is more important than ever to be vigilant about your computer use. > Keep your machine updated (like check for and install updates now, not later) >Be extremely cautious about email attachments, this should […]

McLean Data Solutions – Happy 2017 – Increase your productivity.

Happy New Year 2017 !!! from McLean Data Solutions LLC….Moving forward this year at a fast and furious rate, here’s an example of technological evolution applied to our lives. The cable on the left is outdated and slow media for transferring data inside computers even though it can have as many as 80 wires in it and transfer data […]
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FedEx and UPS fake Email — Just DON’T open.

‘Tis the season for gift ordering on line in a big way, with many people expecting deliveries it’s no surprise that malicious actors will try to infect computers by sending an email referencing that your package cannot be delivered and to click attachment for details. JUST DON’T open any attachments unless you have thoroughly vetted […]

Windows 10 free upgrade deadline fast approaching.

McLean Data Solutions LLC urges you to take full advantage of Microsoft Windows 10 free upgrade option before the deadline arrives, the end of the free upgrade is July 29, 2016 which is right around the corner. If you have a Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 operating system you should take advantage of this offer […]
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Email Scam Alert – DO NOT REPLY

Recently (today 2016.05.03) there has been an email circulating that is from “Help Desk” or some other generic name in the “From” field, this email advises you that your account is undergoing maintenance or some other activity and asks that you indicate acknowledgement by “Replying to the email with your ‘Domain/username and password’ to avoid […]

Remote support from McLean Data Solutions LLC

We’ve all had challenges wherein support for a particular reason is needed quickly and waiting for a scheduled on site visit isn’t the answer. McLean Data can provide support to you wherever you are in the world as long as you have internet access. Frequently it is necessary to be on site to attend to […]
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You arrive at a web that says your computer is infected!

McLean Data Solutions has received multiple help requests from users in businesses that fear they are infected due to landing on a web page that tells them they are infected and gives instructions to call a number for help. Some of these bogus sites even present as “Microsoft” or some known antivirus provider, in many […]

Be aware when receiving email.

As of late McLean Data Solutions has observed a dramatic increase in the number of clients receiving email from what appear to be “known senders” with minimal content which is usually a link to a website containing nefarious content or an attachment that is unsafe. There is no real message from the sender who looks […]
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