2 factor authentication NOW

2 factor authentication NOW

Now that we are all many days in to the shutdown from COVID-19 and many are working from home there has been a huge increase in support requests from clients existing and new that have had accounts compromised. Email and cloud storage accounts alike are victims of hacking and most of the time that is due to weak passwords or machines that have been infected through download of malicious items and/or clicking on links that go to malicious sites. McLean Data has assisted multiple people recently that have had their email password compromised however the hacker does not change the password or do anything that would alert the average user for a while as they read your emails and apply “filters” to divert email or “forward a copy” of all future emails to the hacker.

*Create strong passwords and don’t use them in multiple places!

*Use 2-factor authentication anywhere it is available, this cannot be stressed enough, if you can enter your mobile number as a second factor of authentication required before any changes to your password or other information can be made……do it.

*Keep your machine secure with up to date antivirus, home machines and work machines alike must be secured.

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